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CYMATICS: Science Vs Music

4th December 2014 By Leaf

Cymatics is the first single from Nigel Stanford’s new album. The film shows the effects of cymatic frequencies on matter. All of the experiments are real. You may read more about how this film was made and the science behind the visuals here.

Business-to-business content marketing trends for 2015

17th November 2014 By Leaf

TFM&A (Technology for Marketing and Advertising) recently published the results of a survey by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute into content marketing trends in the USA. It makes for interesting reading for a number of reasons but most surprisingly only 35% of content marketers have a documented strategy.

More than two thirds of content marketers are producing more content now than they did a year ago. Only 21% said that they are successful in measuring the return on investment of their activities. Measurement is a key factor in the in almost any SEO / content marketing campaign, understanding how you’re progressing against the strategy is of utmost importance and it is something that Leaf Communications completely understands.

92% of content marketers said that they use social media to distribute their content. The top 5 platforms being:

1. LinkedIn
2. Twitter
3. Facebook
4. YouTube
5. Google+

With more and more organisations choosing to invest in content marketing through 2015 it is critical to understand the impact of the activity. The two must-haves for 2015 are: a strategy and mechanisms for measurement.

B2B content marketing trends 2015

Overview video for In-sourcing

20th October 2014 By Leaf

In-sourcing is a global resourcing, planning and hiring portal that enables companies to find, manage and hire niche skills quickly and directly whilst dramatically reducing their time, effort and associated recruitment costs. We produced this video to easily describe the features and benefits of the In-sourcing solution to companies.