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Photography Biz: starting a photography business

On 22, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In We like | By Leaf

wedding photography website design

Matt Foden of Matt Foden Photography is such a good egg that he has started a blog called Photography Biz. The site sets out to be a resource offering tips and advice for professional photographers, and those looking to start a photography business. It aims to deliver insight on all aspects of the business, from sales, marketing and financing through to SEO (search engine optimisation).

Matt has written two important articles that you should read if you are considering stepping into the very competitive world of photography:

Starting a Photography Business Part 1: deals with researching your chosen area of photography and offers tips on becoming a “second shooter” to build up a portfolio of images and get some experience on the way.

Starting a Photography Business Part 2: covers the tangible marketing challenges of defining a brand and how you might go about the decision making process of creating your most important piece of marketing collateral — the website. We’re really pleased that Leaf Communications gets an honourable mention too. Thanks Matt!

Part 3 in the series will be available at soon.

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