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Editorial PR and social media

Leaf Communications has over twenty years technical, copy writing experience for press releases, brochures, advertising and web sites. Over the years we have drafted copy for industrial washing machine manufacturers, cable manufacturers, structural steel suppliers and leisure furniture suppliers.

We quickly get to grips with the technical intricacies of products and the issues affecting the markets in which they are supplied, enabling us to write, tight, knowledgeable and interesting copy.

We will write copy for a one-off press release, a whole web site, or an on-going editorial programme. We can carry out all the background research required and liaise with the press if you want, or we can just do the copy writing – it’s up to you. We don’t work on a retainer basis either, we hope that if you like us you will keep using us.

Editorial PR

  • Research and write press releases
  • Create web press modules
  • Place’ articles in trade press magazines/ web sites
  • Measure our press coverage success and report back to you

Social media campaigns

  • Manage and write blog content
  • Manage Facebook pages
  • Manage Twitter feeds
  • Manage and contribute to YouTube channels
  • Manage LinkedIn company pages
  • Much more, just ask!