Wake up and smell the coffee

Strategic research

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your own products and services and those of your competitors is a key element of marketing strategy. As part of our full service marketing credentials, we can offer effective and targeted market research to help our clients gain actionable insights into how their company and products are perceived.

Gauging opinion

We recently did exactly this for a client in the heating industry recently. An anonymous survey was sent to over 55,000 recipients in conjunction with three trade magazines covering the client’s key customer base. Our team applied its industry knowledge and expertise to devise a series of multiple choice questions to establish behaviours and gauge industry opinion in critical areas such as best value products, technical support and industry information. To incentivise a response we offered a Costa coffee card to the first 500 respondents. We then collated and analysed survey responses and presented the final results presented in a clear and concise report.

Competitive positioning

With an impressive response rate of just under 10%, the survey has provided our client with valuable market intelligence on its competitive positioning which can be used to inform corporate and product developments. Useful data about how often respondents attend professional training, and which topics they find most interesting, will be used to further develop the client’s comprehensive customer training programmes. In addition, responses relating to questions about which magazines and social platforms were used most regularly for work will enable our client to communicate to customers more effectively and plan highly targeted marketing campaigns through both digital and print media.

Recognising the value of this type of industry research for its business, the client is now looking to repeat the survey to assess opinion following a major product launch in 2020.