Coronavirus and your business

Here to help

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis which is affecting all our lives. As well as the tragic human cost of COVID-19, businesses of all types and sizes are facing the financial cost of economic uncertainty and lockdown restrictions. We know that our clients are doing all they can to protect their employees and customers and to shield their business from long-term damage. So we just wanted to let you know that we are here to help in whatever way we can. Our team is on hand to advise on short-term and longer-term marketing and communication strategies to help your business cope with the crisis now and be ready for when life – and business – gets back to normal.

Communication is key

In these uncertain and worrying times it is even more important to keep your customers engaged and reassured. This can include informing them about the measures you are taking to keep them safe in the midst of the outbreak, such as extra cleaning precautions. You also need to let them know how the services you offer have been impacted by the crisis, such as opening hours, delivery schedules, service visits, or staff working remotely. Even in the current lockdown, we can help you keep in touch with your customers, whether that’s through regular updates on your website or using social media to provide details about online contact options or a webpage that customers can refer to for more information.

Planning for the future

Looking ahead, inventory planning and special offers could help to incentivise current customers to stay loyal to your brand. And for longer-term stability, some companies could take the opportunity to assess and target other market segments and identify opportunities for growth in the future.

Stay safe, and remember if you need us, Leaf’s team is here to help you and your business through these challenging times.