Unleash the power of the white paper!

We believe engaging, interesting and hard-working content is key to getting the best results for our clients. We know from our extensive experience that great content means great marketing, whether it’s for a website, a brochure, a newsletter or a social media campaign.

But are you making the most of this important marketing tool?  For example, are you using white papers to promote your corporate credentials and industry expertise? If not, maybe it’s time to consider this powerful content strategy for your business.

Valuable marketing tool

Written as an authoritative document that combines external data and research with your company’s own in-depth knowledge, a white paper is a valuable marketing and educational tool. It can establish your organisation as a leading voice of your industry and showcase your ideas, solutions and future thinking more effectively than, say, a press release or trade media article. Leaf has proven technical writing skills in this field and the ability to research content and interact with subject matter experts. We can also work with you to identify a topic that is both timely and relevant to your industry and highlights your expertise.

Influence decision-makers

Having collated all the necessary data, we will compile and submit a white paper in accordance with the agreed synopsis, together with our suggestions for graphical illustrations to enhance the content. Expertly compiled and researched by Leaf’s professional team, this powerful business communication can elevate your brand image and influence the decision-making process of current and prospective customers. And to optimise value we are able to develop your white paper for use across multiple platforms, including a downloadable document on your website and in edited form for PR and marketing campaigns, both printed and online.

Stand out from the crowd

The B2B marketing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, particularly the growing use of social media. However, having more options to communicate with your target audience can make it even more challenging to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard. To set their business apart, an increasing number of forward-thinking companies across a wide range of industries are now using white papers as part of their marketing strategy. So why not join them? Talk to us at Leaf to find out more.