What makes your customers tick?

In today’s digital world prospective buyers have many more ways to access information about products and services before making their decision, from blogs and social media to industry websites and forums. Market research can help your company understand what makes existing and potential customers tick and turn those clicks into sales.

Knowledge is power

In these challenging times knowledge really is power and having up-to-date intelligence about your target market’s needs, buying patterns and preferences is more important than ever. It will give your business a better understanding of any economic shifts or changing customer requirements due to Covid-19, enabling you to adapt and refine your offerings accordingly and allocate your marketing budget based on actual data.

Targeted surveys

As part of Leaf’s full-service marketing credentials we can offer cost-effective, no-nonsense market research to help our clients gain actionable insights into how their business and products are perceived. Targeted surveys can be tailored to individual research requirements and emailed to key trade media lists or a company’s own database. Questions are expertly compiled to provide valuable feedback about specific product buying behaviours or to gauge wider industry opinion.

Valuable insight

Our expert team will collate and analyse survey responses and present the final results in a clear and concise report. Using this marketing intelligence you can target key decision-makers more effectively and bring the voice of the customer into the heart of your organisation. The commercial world is changing faster than ever and is being driven by many complex factors, from Big Data to the challenge of sustainability. A smart world demands smart thinking that’s powered by insight.

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