PR – so much more than just press releases!

Leaf’s team has considerable experience in all kinds of business writing and marketing communications, so we were delighted to have the opportunity to write a white paper for our client Danfoss that would utilise not only our technical writing skills, but also our team’s ability to research and restructure content and interact with subject matter experts.

The project

In 2015, UN member countries set a goal to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050.  As a leading manufacturer of world-class heating products for the residential and commercial sectors, Danfoss asked Leaf to produce a white paper to explore and inform readers about the specific challenge of achieving this goal in the heating sector – currently estimated to account for more than 50% of all carbon emissions in Europe.  

The brief

Our brief was to compile and write an authoritative document that would combine industry research with Danfoss’s own in-depth knowledge of the subject, and to present the company’s short-term and longer-term solutions in the journey to Net Zero. Aimed at Danfoss clients, both new and existing, across the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning sector, as well as housebuilders and developers, the white paper would provide Danfoss with a valuable marketing and information tool and reflect the company’s status as a leading voice of the industry.

The process

Based on the initial brief, our team worked with Danfoss to prepare a detailed synopsis. This set out the white paper’s key aims and objectives, target audience and format. The latter outlined the main sections, together with proposed content and primary messages for each section. Once the synopsis was approved by Danfoss, we started the process of researching and compiling data for the document. This included in-depth interviews with key contributors, identified by the company for their detailed knowledge of the subject matter.

As part of the process, our team also conducted its own research as supporting evidence and background to the challenge of decarbonising heat. This included sourcing the latest information about alternative energy sources and smart heating solutions, from blue hydrogen and heat pumps to district energy networks; as well as relevant regulatory measures, such as the UK’s Future Homes Standard. The impact of heat decarbonisation on the energy industry, the global economy and consumers was also investigated by our team.

Having collated all the necessary data, we submitted a 3,300 word document in accordance with the agreed synopsis, together with Leaf’s suggestions for graphical illustrations to enhance the content.

Use and value

A white paper is a valuable communications tool that aims to inform readers about a complex issue, in this case the challenge of decarbonising heat by 2050, and to present the issuer’s viewpoint, current solutions and future thinking. The white paper produced by Leaf meets this criteria and the client’s brief to engage its target audience with this critical industry issue. The white paper will be developed as a downloadable document from the Danfoss website. To optimise value for the client, Leaf is also looking to use the content in edited form across a range of PR and marketing campaigns for Danfoss, both printed and online.